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I am blogging live about WeekendApps happening right now at Googleplex in Mountain View. Here is one of the posts –


If the first day (Friday evening) looked like NBC’s reality TV show Apprentice then what followed on the day 2 and day 3 was very much like Survivor. The first day had some real drama and emotion similar to the Apprentice show when teams came together and ideas were hatched.

Friday started with a bang, starting with presentation from Kevin. The slides from his great presentation are online, here.

Dave’s presentation took us through Buddy Poke’s journey from ZERO users to 30 Million. Wow!  Liked what he mentioned about making sure you test your applications on really old computers. You would not believe the cyber-cafes in India and Indonesia still use those neanderthal computers – so make sure your app works with the lowest common denominator.

When Deepika Bajaj from Offerpal who moderated the panel on monetization asked the crowd – “Who here wants to make money from applications?”, no wonder almost all the hands went up. Long live capitalism! Real tested insights by Randall, Nick, Ben taught a thing or two about the $ side of the equation.

Then the real movie started with quick 30 second pitches by more than 20 participants. Here are the pictures on Flickr from Shirley’s photo journalism that tell the whole story.

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