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Front vs back

Brian Pokorny talked about a distinction between the applications that focus on the front camera more than the back camera in the devices. I think he is right about the comfort that the younger generation (less than 25 year old) has to be in front of a camera. We observed it with vChatter also. He is also right that the front camera is about faces while the back camera is more about the things.

For many young people who are using netbooks or tablets, the only camera they have is the front camera. In those cases it is all about the faces, it is all about their faces, the faces of their friends and interesting people they meet online.

Here is his slide modified to show where vChatter fits. [Photo courtesy Brian Pokorny and TechCrunch]




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Camera camera everywhere … Not a single relevant pic? Something serious is brewing in the mobile photo sharing space. A number of entrepreneurs are looking at the cameras springing up in each and every device around us and trying to make the most of it.

Instagr.am just released a very polished and popular iPhone application. Halloween picture sharing mania helped it earn many new users.
picplz just raised an insane amount of money on a good team and an idea to make it easy for people to share their photo memories. Is the imeem founder moving from one bad business (online music) to another bad business (photo sharing)? (Om Malik says that the photo sharing applications are great ideas but bad businesses.)
Path.com was launched today with an anti-social network that allows you to share your photo life path with the closest 50 friends that you have.
All of these ideas point to a bigger current flowing through the startup world – a further explosion of the content generated by the cameras all around us. Flickr, YouTube and Facebook are just scratching the surface of what is about to come. Get ready for some action guys!
If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million pictures, and a live video is worth even more. That is a part of the core belief we have at vChatter that allows you to share your live moments in front of the cameras with your loved ones and if you so desire with a matching randomly chosen person from all over the world. With cameras coming up everywhere it would become easier and easier for everyone to share their live moments in different contexts. Lights, Camera, Action … Let the fun begin!

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